SBA - Seoul Business Agency

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CEO Greetings

“The Seoul Business Agency has consistently grown alongside the Seoul economy for 25 years, serving as a pivotal institution for startup promotion, business growth, and industrial development”.
On behalf of the entire staff of SBA, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you.

In response to the rapidly changing economic and societal paradigms, our agency leads the economic revitalization of Seoul by offering one-stop services such as startup incubation, investment, domestic and international marketing, talent development and recruitment, innovative technology R&D, and intellectual property rights. We are committed to achieving tangible economic revitalization and results that Seoul citizens and businesses can feel.

Furthermore, by integrating beauty and fashion industries, which are Seoul's promising sectors, with high-tech, we are creating new economic added value. To realize the Seoul-style Creator Economy, we are hosting SeoulCon in collaboration with individual media influencers to promote Seoul's content, beauty, and fashion industries. We are also leading the revitalization of the Dongdaemun market area, centered around DDP(Dongdaemun Design Plaza), to set the trends in the global fashion industry.

Through the SeSAC(Seoul Software Academy), we are contributing to the training of software talents in Seoul and enhancing the competitiveness of Seoul's SMEs.

We support the growth of content industries such as animation, games, and individual media, and assist in the revitalization of industrial hubs in Seoul, including DMC, G-Valley, and Magok.

Going forward, our agency promises to do its utmost to become a more trusted institution for citizens and SMEs by strengthening collaborations with related agencies and private entities, and by providing top-notch services from the perspective of our customers in every domain. This is all to ensure the innovative growth of Seoul's SMEs and startups and to vitalize the Seoul economy overflowing with quality job opportunities.

Your continued interest and encouragement are highly appreciated.
CEO of Seoul Business Agency